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Quarterly Report for Q4 2023

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Apr 25

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Quarterly Report for Q4 2024

Financial figures

Kitron is from 1 January 2023, presenting its consolidated financial statements in EUR:

Historical financial data recalculated to EUR



NOK million
Years Revenues Operating profit Net profit Net cash flow from operating activities Net cash flow from investing activities Order intake Order backlog Total equity Equity ratio Employees
2022 6486.7 459.6 287.1 117.0 (996.7) 8602.2 6097.8 1506.5 25.6


2021 3711.4 240.8 152.8 126.3 (46.0) 4532.9 2827.1 1228.0 37.1


2020 3963.9 312.6 213.1 237.0 (59.0) 4085.5 2005.5 885.7 33.4


2019 3299.4 201.5 132.5 195.2 (248.1) 3367.7 1883.9 739.2 30.8


2619.3 156.1 110.3 (44.5) (55.9) 2750.0 1334.8 691.5 37.1


2017 2436.7 148.7 99.0 160.8 (35.2) 2686.1 1306.4 663.6 42.8 1451
2016 2093.0 117.8 74.6 108.5 (43.8) 2174.3 1019.4 584.8 43.2 1337
2015 1951.8 102.7 72.2 204.1 (75.9) 2002.4 975.6 566.5 44.5 1221
2014 1751.3 30.0 24.2 (4.7) (62.9) 1834.9 868.4 494.6 42.9 1200
2013 1631.6 25.1 8.3 31.9 (26.7) 1573.8 718.2 473.7 43.5 1188
2012 1695.0 72.0 47.1 42.4 (23.4) 1671.8 776.2 466.2 45.7 1169

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Quarterly reports

Share price information

Kitron ASA is a publicly listed company on the Oslo Stock Exchange (ticker code: KIT) in the OB Standard segment. The company is governed by Norwegian law.

Corporate Governance

Kitron’s corporate governance principles clarify the division of roles between shareholders, the board of directors and corporate management. The principles are also intended to help safeguard the interests of shareholders, employees and other stakeholders, such as customers and suppliers, as well as society at large. The primary intention is to increase predictability and transparency and thereby reduce uncertainties associated with the business.

It is Kitron’s intent to practice good corporate governance in accordance with laws and regulations and the recommendations of Oslo Børs under the ‘comply or explain’ concept. This review has been prepared by the board of Kitron based on Norwegian Code of Practice for Corporate Governance dated 14 October 2021 (“the Code”). The Code is available at www.nues.no/en/.

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Kitron has this year significantly upgraded its reporting on Sustainability, in line with the recommendations from the Oslo Stock Exchange.

This report covers topics related to Sustainability that are of importance to Kitron and Kitron stakeholders. Kitron is a UN Global Compact Signatory. The Kitron documents that are the foundation for Kitron’s work within Sustainability are the Kitron Ethical Code of Conduct, Kitron Supplier Code of Conduct and Kitron Anti-Corruption Policy. The report on Sustainability has been reviewed and approved by the Board. 




Kitron has signed under the WBCSD Pledge (WASH) for Access to Safe Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene. We recognize that by signing this Pledge, Kitron commits to implementing access to safe water, sanitation, and hygiene at an appropriate standard level for all employees on all premises under our direct control and supporting partners across our value chains and communities surrounding our workplaces within three years.

To further strengthen sustainability management Kitron started to use EcoVadis as a widely used Business Sustainability Rating provider. In 2022, Kitron received a "Silver" sustainability rating medal that puts us under the TOP 25 per cent of the companies rated by EcoVadis.

Kitron is included in the OBX ESG Index, which is a selection of the 40 blue-chip companies listed in Norway that demonstrate the best Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices. The index is compiled by Euronext based on ESG assessments provided by Sustainalytics.

Kitron was rated and selected by ESG100 among the top 100 listed companies in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. This rating means good reporting that covers important issues. It also includes having a materiality assessment based on a recognized reporting standard and providing some specific, quantifiable targets.

Taking coordinated action on engagement with suppliers on climate change issues has earned Kitron recognition and a B rating from the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) in the Supplier Engagement Rating Report for 2022.




Raising concerns – Whistleblowing

Kitron personnel are required to report immediately any suspected violation of Kitron’s Anti-Corruption Policy. Suspected violations can be reported to the employee’s manager, his/her manager’s manager, any member of the Ethics Committee, or through this e-mail: whistleblowing@kitron.com. When using this e-mail your concerns will be sent to the head of the Ethics committee and dealt with confidentially.

Kitron will not implement sanctions in any form against any person who, in good faith and in a responsible manner, informs persons in positions of responsibility or internal entities about possible breaches of Kitron’s Anti-Corruption Policy or applicable laws. Kitron prohibits retaliation against anyone for making a good-faith report. All reports of suspected violations are taken seriously and will be followed up, as appropriate. Reports may be made anonymously.

Any manager, who receives a report of a suspected violation of anti-corruption laws and regulations, or Kitron’s Anti-Corruption Policy, must immediately notify the head of the Ethics committee.

Annual General Meeting


The Annual General Meeting of Kitron was held as a digital meeting on Friday, 28 April 2023, at 10:00 a.m. CEST.

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YYYY-MM-DD Minutes Notice Nomination committee recommendation A mandate for the Nomination Committee The BOD Declaration on Executive Remuneration Article of association Annual Report
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Capital Markets Day

Kitron hosted a Capital Markets Presentation on 13 December 2023 and provided an update on strategic and financial ambitions.

Date Presentation Q&A session transcript Webcast
2023-12-13 PDF - Watch webcast
2022-12-13 PDF - Watch webcast
2021-03-17 PDF - Watch webcast
2020-03-18 PDF PDF Watch webcast
2019-03-21 PDF - Watch webcast
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