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The Kitron logo consists of two elements – the symbol and the letters in the Kitron name. The visual relationship between these two elements in the Kitron logo is fixed. This identifier must not be re-proportioned, redrawn or modified in any way.

We prefer you use the white logo on a blue (or dark) background whenever possible, followed by the blue logo on a white (or light) background. Kitron’s slogan should always be connected to the logo.

Kitron (blue+orange)

Kitron (white+orange)

Kitron with slogan (blue+orange)

Kitron with slogan (white+orange)


We collected photos that represent Kitron’s business. These photos are free to use when talking or writing about Kitron. You can download the images individually.


For media inquiries, feel free to contact us at: marketing@kitron.com

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