For Suppliers

For Suppliers

Kitron’s success in the EMS business is based on close cooperation with our trusted supply partners. Kitron’s customers are found within demanding markets sectors, and in order to deliver on their expectations, we depend on high-quality suppliers.

While we have a large number of suppliers, our ambition is to expand and deepen our relationships, resulting in revenue growth for the suppliers and a long-term, close cooperation with Kitron.

All supplier relations will be based on strict adherence to applicable legislation, rules and regulations, as well as Kitron’s ethical guidelines.

In this way, Kitron aims to ensure high standards for health, safety and environment within our supply chain as well as positive effects on local communities.

Supplier code of conduct

Kitron’s Supplier Code of Conduct specifies the legal and ethical basis for Kitron’s supplier relations.

Supplier Code of Conduct