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Tailor-made delivery

Thanks to our long history satisfying a world of demanding customers, we take pride in delivering the quality best suited for the customer's needs.

We deliver in line with customer specifications through:

  • Effective quality management systems
  • Documented improvement programs
  • Risk management tools

Quality standards

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 13485
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 45001
  • ISO/IEC 27001
  • ISO/TS 22163
  • IATF 16949 (automotive standard)
  • EN9100:2018 (technically equivalent to AS9100D and JISQ 9100:2016)
  • 21 CFR 820 Quality System Regulation
  • NIST SP 800-171
  • AQAP 2110 Edition D Version 1


We promise to keep your promise!

We fully understand that our main objective is to help our customers keep their promises. That is why we promise on-time delivery!

We promise On-Time Delivery through continuous work with:

  • Proactive supply chain management
  • Optimized manufacturing processes
  • Reduced lead times
  • Reliable customer dialogue
  • As a Kitron customer, you should expect us to deliver the right product, at the right time, as promised. Nothing less.


The difference between being cheap and providing best value:

Our focus on delivering the Right Product, On Time, at the Right Price is not more than you would expect as our customer. In addition, it is in our culture to always look for improvements on your behalf, bearing in mind that we are here to help our customers succeed in their business.

We promise to deliver Best Value through:

  • Leveraging on business volumes
  • Right competence in technology and processes
  • Manufacturing efficiency and yield improvements
  • Optimized costs
  • Continuous improvements


Why innovation is so hard to find:

Most people and most companies live by the rule: Better safe than sorry. And so do we. But still, we strive for more. We strive for innovation. The challenge is that anything really “new” is the opposite of “safe”. What defines true innovation is that you haven’t seen it before; it’s new!

In Kitron we believe nothing beats a skilled team working together. Together we hunt solutions you have yet to see. Still, it is in our soul and bones to check any new solution inside out. Because it’s better you’ll be safe, than sorry!

We promise to deliver innovation through:

  • Problem-solving culture
  • Expertise in every process and focus on continuous improvements
  • Ability to think outside the box and find new solutions
  • Creativity, curiosity, positive attitude and involvement
  • Proactive customer dialogue


We don’t cut corners:

Since the early 60’s Kitron has lived by a simple philosophy: If our customers succeed, we succeed. History has shown that this has been a sustainable philosophy. This is why it’s in our culture not to cut corners. Our main promise to any customer is that we want to be their long-term, sustainable partner.

We promise to deliver sustainability through:

  • Being a financially solid and healthy company, we promise to be there for our customers in the long term, thus reducing their supplier risk.
  • Being a socially responsible company and always have the interests of our employees and the communities we operate in mind. This includes the following practices (by Kitron and its business partners):
    • Ensuring that work is carried out safely.
    • Respecting the freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining with respect to legislation and practice in the countries we operate.
    • Not accepting any form of forced labor, child labor, or work-related discrimination.
    • Being an environmentally friendly company, committed to doing what we can to preserve and protect the environment.

Being the leading EMS company in Scandinavia, showing a focus on what brings success to our customers, and then contributing with our best, has been a sustainable strategy for Kitron. That is why we say: Your ambition. Our passion.