Prototype manufacturing

We can offer our customers the best possible service, we have dedicated staff and a dedicated manufacturing line for the production of prototypes.

Our highly skilled purchasing staff are able to draw on a wide network of suppliers and have a comprehensive knowledge of the components market worldwide.

Many years of manufacturing professional electronics for a number of demanding customers have given us the expertise in areas such as moulding, glueing, mechanics and, of course, electronics. If modifications are required at short notice, we have a separate model-building workshop equipped to create or adapt the prototype part.

We work closely with our customers. Each project is allocated a dedicated technical project manager and staff. Each project is conducted in accordance with Kitron’s project model and in close cooperation with the customer.

Evaluation of new products

Our experts are available to prepare product reviews. These reviews are based on standards, best practice and national/international requirements. Customers receive a written report with comments and recommendations, as well as an oral presentation of our experts’ findings.

We offer:

DfMA - Design for Manufacturing and Assembly
Here we evaluate aspects of manufacturing and assembly requirements for your product. This review will contribute to the most efficient manufacturing and thus the lowest manufacturing costs.

NPI design validation datasheet

DfT - Design for Test
Test tools and test methods are evaluated to obtain the best test coverage and reliability. Layout and design are evaluated to improve testability and decrease test time during production.

Component Life cycle analysis
Evaluation and guidance of components to find the most suited components and suppliers for your product. We run a life cycle analysis of components and bill of materials to prevent design with components that are not recommended.

Risk management – FMEA

Kitron’s high-quality manufacturing is supplemented by using a quality assurance plan. All our sites use the FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) a step-by-step approach for identifying all possible failures in a design, a manufacturing or assembly process, or a product or service.

At Kitron we review as many components, assemblies, and subsystems as possible to identify failure modes, and their causes and effects. Failures are prioritized according to how serious their consequences are, how frequently they occur and how easily they can be detected. The purpose of the FMEA is to take actions to eliminate or reduce failures, starting with the highest-priority ones.

For each component, the failure modes and their resulting effects on the rest of the system are shared with the customer to improve the design.

Component engineering and database

To make a good decision you need the right information.

That is why we have developed our component information system (CIS). This makes it possible for you as our customer to rapidly search for and process information about current components for new projects.

Different search functions allow you to find the right component by considering factors such as function, properties and price. You can also rapidly compile information and data for your BOM and transfer the information you need at any time to other user systems.

Our component engineering group is also available for you to discuss component solutions regarding technology, logistics and manufacturing aspects.

Test development

Kitron develops state-of-the-art test systems for automated testing in production.

Over the last 30 years, this department has worked on a wide range of projects within the following sectors: Connectivity, Electrification, Industry, Medical Devices and Defence/Aerospace. 

We continuously update the test methods available in the market, while at the same time endeavouring to advance the development of testing and test philosophy. Kitron is a key member of the Nordic Test Forum (NTF), giving us access to leading international experts in our field.

We work closely with our customers. Each project is allocated a dedicated technical project manager and staff. Each project is conducted in accordance with Kitron’s project model and in close cooperation with the customer.


  • Analysis of test reliability of new products; guidance for customers in choosing optimal test strategy
  • Improvement of product design with regard to producibility and test reliability
  • Maintenance, development and optimization of existing test systems
  • Development of test procedures for self-developed test systems and for customer-supplied test systems
  • Technical support
  • Development of test solutions (SW/HW) based on customer's specifications and/or our own suggested specifications with regard to optimal rationality and quality


  • Function testing
  • Boundary-scan testing
  • In-circuit testing
  • Environmental testing
  • Technical support
  • Construction of HW interface between Unit Under Test (UUT) and test equipment


SATS is a Kitron-developed, high-quality test platform targeting mid-range applications. Standardized hardware and software components provide effective test development and short lead time. Since 2014 SATS has offered a wide range of benefits to our customers:

  • Reduced investment cost – SATS platform standardized and reusable
  • Short lead times – availability of skilled developers with SATS expertise
  • Flexible investment cost – SATS can be rented or purchased
  • Secured up-time – multiple interchangeable SATS stations available
  • Simplified product transfer – SATS availability across Kitron sites

Design and build of High Level Assembly lines

Efficient manufacturing lines are the key to success. Our trained staff design, build and optimize manufacturing lines for your products. We work according to lean manufacturing and have a high focus on quality and efficient manufacturing processes.

In our standard HLA lines, we produce several types of low volume products. For new high volume products, we design and build HLA lines tailored to the product and customer requirements. The introduction of new products is organized as projects according to our project model. The NPI projects are closely linked to our customers R&D projects, product management and Kitron manufacturing.

A typical project for building HLA lines may include the following experts: process engineers (lean manufacturing), production technology, planning, logistics, sourcing/purchasing, quality, test, IT and craftsmen to build the line.

We produce a wide range of products and continuously focus on improvements. The experiences we have gained from working with several demanding customers are assets we bring into your product's manufacturing lines.

Environmental Durability Testing

The market’s expectations regarding the quality of all products are constantly increasing. Customers are not satisfied with products that merely fulfil their specification at the time of delivery and during the warranty period: All products should work without failures throughout their entire expected lifetime. Kitron has the resources to help you reach this level of quality performance.

With our extensive test experience of medical, military, telecoms and other industrial products, we test your product to ensure that it will fulfil its reliability requirements.

If you wish to discuss product testing while your product is still at the design stage please contact us and we will be happy to assist.