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Defence / Aerospace

Kitron’s defence sector consists of three main product divisions:

Military avionics
Military communications
Weapon control systems

Kitron has been involved with defence electronics since 1976. Dedicated to our customers’ needs, we have specialized in complex military projects. Offset programs with both US and European companies have made Kitron an experienced partner in co-production, where our areas of special expertise include cutting-edge technology transfer and adaptation of new production methods. Together with our dedicated staff who has a deep understanding of electronics manufacturing and particular requirements of the defence industry in general, we can meet the increasingly challenging and complex information and cybersecurity risks in today’s geopolitical environment.

Supplier of sub-units, as well as complete systems

Throughout recent decades, Kitron has been engaged in several programs to supply sub-units, as well as complete systems, for use in advanced military equipment. These programs are carried out in close cooperation with major international manufacturers of avionics, missiles, CCIS (Command, Control & Information Systems) and training simulators.

Kitron is certified according to quality standard EN9100:2018 (Technically equivalent to AS9100 and JISQ 9100:2016) and defence standard AQAP 2110 Edition D Version 1.

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Energy / Telecoms


Kitron has been working with energy-related businesses for many decades, and we have followed the changes that these industries have gone through. Even so, the energy sector will require significant technological development and commercialization over the coming decades to meet goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, as well as general demands for energy efficiency. This will require smarter solutions and more extensive surveillance of systems producing and using energy.

Electronics is an important enabler for achieving the potential that exists in this field. The high quality and wide range of Kitron’s expertise and services, as well as our local and regional presence, make us a well-qualified partner to help you succeed in the development and diffusion of new technology.


Kitron’s telecoms sector offers decades of experience in the development and realization of products such as:

Transmission systems
High frequency (HF) microwave modules
Radiofrequency (RF) systems
Equipment for data/video projection and storage

Our Telecoms task force will always do everything it takes to bring about new success stories.

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Kitron’s industry sector operates and delivers a complete range of services within industrial applications such as automation, environmental, material warehousing and security. Our industry sector consists of three main product divisions:

Control systems
Electronic control units (ECU)
Automated systems

We deliver a complete range of services throughout the value chain from development, industrialization, sourcing, logistics, manufacturing, maintenance and repair and redesign. Our industry team works closely with our customers – from concept, design and engineering work, with materials selection and sourcing, to testing, production, logistics and after sale’s support.

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Medical devices

Kitron’s medical devices sector consists of three main product groups:

Ultrasound and cardiology systems
Respiratory/medical devices
Lab/in–Vitro diagnostics (IVD)

Our innovative and quality-assured processes combine our technology and know-how with your knowledge of the particular application and market demands.

Specialised customer team, one point of contact

Kitron’s medical devices customer team is central to the development and manufacturing of medical devices. They work closely with our customers on product development and offer them our manufacturing expertise, along with our knowledge on quality assurance and regulatory requirements that are specific to medical devices. At all times, you will have a single point of contact - right from the very first concept studies, through the development and industrialisation process to manufacturing and testing, and all the way to delivery to the end-customer. The ISO 13485 certificate proves Kitron’s professionalism and expertise in following requirements for a comprehensive quality management system for the design and manufacture of medical devices.

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Offshore / Marine

Kitron’s offshore sector comprises three main areas:

Subsea production systems
Oil and gas exploration equipment
Navigation, positioning, automation and control systems for the offshore sector

Quality requirements are extremely high for electronic assemblies in this segment because of the environment where this equipment is used, as well as the potentially disastrous consequences of equipment failure, therefore special coating processes and traceability are often required. Manufacturing series and quantities are often small and complex, but Kitron has the organization, flexibility and technical expertise to manage such projects through all phases of the value chain. Projects in this sector often need particular support in the development and industrialization phases, leading Kitron to focus especially on these areas.

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