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Scandinavia’s leading EMS company

Kitron is a leading Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) company with operations in Norway, Sweden, Lithuania, Germany, China, USA and Poland. 
The company was established in the early 1960’s in Arendal, Norway. Kitron’s head office is now in Asker, Norway. 
The company’s core areas of expertise are in the sectors Defence/Aerospace, Energy/Telecoms, Industry, Medical devices and Offshore/Marine. 
In addition, Kitron is currently developing expertise in Automotive Electronics with special focus on Autonomous Technologies.








Years of history


SMT lines

50 000+

Sq. m. of manufacturing area

Kitron specialises in complex products and manufacturing processes. The company also has a high level of specialist expertise in the fields of technology and industrialisation.

Kitron provides services within the entire value chain of electronics production, ranging from development and design, industrialisation and manufacturing to service/repair and product upgrades.



Sourcing and Procurement


Logistics and Distribution

Redesign, Repair and Maintenance

Product Deployment

Vision and values

Kitron’s vision is to provide solutions that deliver success for its customers. 
Kitron shall contribute to develop customers` business to become leading companies within their respective markets. 
Your ambition. Our passion.

Our values are:


In Kitron we are committed to customers, suppliers, shareholders, colleagues, sustainability and the environment.


In Kitron we foster creativity, striving for even better processes, services and solutions, benefiting both our customers and employees.


In Kitron individuals and teams are provided equal opportunities for growth, development and realization of their potentials.


Ethical guidelines

Ethical conduct is essential for sustainable business and we treat ethics as an integral part of our activities. We expect high ethical standards of everyone who acts on our behalf, and we encourage our business partners to implement ethics standards compatible with our own.

Kitron Ethical Code of Conduct

Kitron Anti Corruption Policy

Kitron Supplier Code of Conduct

Board of Directors

Tuomo Lähdesmäki

Tuomo Lähdesmäki

Chairman of the board

Elected for the period 2018-2019

Tuomo Lähdesmäki was born in 1957 and is a Finnish citizen. He holds a Master of Science in Engineering from Helsinki University of Technology, a Master of Business Administration from INSEAD and has completed the Stanford Executive Program. He is a founding partner of Boardman Oy, “The leading network developing active ownership and board work competences” in Finland, and he has previously, inter alia, been President and CEO of Elcoteq Network Oyj and Leiras Oy, General Manager at Swatch Group and Vice President at Nokia Mobile Phones. Mr Lähdesmäki is Chairman of the board for the following: Efore Oyj, Finland University Oy and Turku University Foundation sr. He is also a board member of Fondia Oyj, Meconet Oy and Yliopiston Apteekki. Mr Lähdesmäki was elected to the Kitron Board as Chairman in 2014 and is also Chairman of Kitron’s remuneration committee. On 10th May 2019 Mr Lähdesmäki owned 197 702 shares in Kitron.

Gro Brækken

Gro Brækken

Deputy chairman of the board

Elected for the period 2018-2019

Gro Brækken was born in 1952 and is a Norwegian citizen. She holds an MSc in Chemical Engineering from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim. Ms Brækken has a long and broad experience from top management of international companies and organizations with CEO, line, and staff-management experience within oil and gas, refinery, natural gas, shipbuilding, and banking. She was until recently CEO of the trade organization Norsk olje & gass (the Norwegian Oil and Gas Association) and is at present Secretary General for the Norwegian Institute of Directors. This background has given her in-depth industrial and political competence and a broad network within politics, business and the society in general. Gro Brækken also has solid board experience as member and chair of the boards of directors of national and international companies and organizations within energy, industry, project management, health and NGOs. Ms Brækken was elected to the Kitron board in 2015 and has since October 2015 been a member of the remuneration committee. On10th May 2019 Ms Brækken owned 37 472 shares in Kitron.

Maalfrid Brath

Maalfrid Brath

Board member

Elected for the period 2018-2019

Maalfrid Brath was born in 1965 and is a Norwegian citizen. She holds an MSc degree from BI Norwegian Business School in economics and business administration and an MSc degree from NHH Norwegian School of Economics in professional accountancy. Ms Brath has since 2009 been Managing Director of Manpower Group Norway. From 1995 to 2009, she held various executive management positions at Storebrand ASA, including EVP Business Development, EVP Retail, COO of Storebrand Livsforsikring and CEO of Storebrand Fondsforsikring. Prior to 1995, she was Manager at Arthur Andersen. She sits on a number of boards and is Chairman of the Board of NHO National Federation of Services and Trade. Ms Brath was elected to the Kitron board in 2018. On 10th May 2019 Ms Brath owned 13 472 shares in Kitron.

Espen Gundersen

Espen Gundersen

Board member

Elected for the period 2018-2019

Espen Gundersen was born in 1964 and is a Norwegian citizen. He holds an MBA from the Norwegian School of Management, Oslo. He is also a Certified Public Accountant from the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration in Bergen. Mr Gundersen is currently Deputy CEO and CFO of Tomra Systems ASA. He joined Tomra in 1999 and has held several positions within the Tomra Group. Prior to joining Tomra, he served as VP Business development of Selmer ASA for five years. He started his career with Arthur Andersen in 1989. Mr. Gundersen was elected to the Kitron Board in 2017. On 10th May 2019 Mr Gundersen owned 43 472 shares in Kitron.

Christian Jebsen

Christian Jebsen

Board member

Elected for period 2018-2019

Christian Jebsen was born in 1967 and is as Danish citizen. He holds a B.S. degree in economics and B.A. from Copenhagen Business School. Mr Jebsen is a partner at Verdane Capital. Prior to Verdane, Jebsen has had a number of executive management positions including CEO of Kebony AS, CEO of Vmetro ASA, CFO/COO of Opera Software ASA and CEO of Stavdal ASA. Jebsen’s professional background also includes seven years within investment banking with Nomura International in London and Enskilda Securities (SEB) in Stockholm and Oslo. Mr Jebsen was elected to the Kitron board in 2018. On 10th May 2019 Mr Jebsen owned 13 472 shares in Kitron. 


Bjørn Gottschlich

Bjørn Gottschlich

Board member, elected by and among the employees

Bjørn Gottschlich was born in 1966 and is a German citizen. He was employed as an unskilled production worker in 1996. In 2000 he was elected as a full time shop steward for Fellesforbundet (The Norwegian United Federation of Trade Unions) at Kitron AS in Arendal. He is now half redeemed from his position at Kitron to perform various duties in his trade union movement. Presently he is the chair of Fellesforbundet’s local branch in Arendal and member of Fellesforbundet’s Executive Board. Mr. Gottschlich has been on the Kitron board since 2012. On 10th May 2019 Mr Gottschlich owned 13 472 shares in Kitron.

Tanja Rørheim

Tanja Rørheim

Board member, elected by and among the employees

Tanja Rørheim was born in 1972 and is a Norwegian citizen. She holds a certificate in electronics and is working as a production worker in Kitron AS in Arendal since 1993. Ms Rørheim has been on the Kitron board since August 2015. On 10th May 2019 Ms Rørheim owned 13 472 shares in Kitron.

Jarle Larsen

Jarle Larsen

Board member, elected by and among the employee

Jarle Larsen was born in 1973 and is a Norwegian citizen. He has background as an Electronics Engineer and joined Kitron AS in 2007. Mr Larsen works as a Senior Lean Engineer. In 2010 he was elected as leader for Nito in Kitron AS (The Norwegian Society of Engineers and Technologists). He still holds this position. Mr Larsen was elected to the Kitron board in 2019. On 10th May 2019 Mr Larsen owned 6 816 shares in Kitron.


Peter Nilsson

Peter Nilsson

President & CEO - On medical leave until end of September 2019

Born in 1964. Started in Kitron November 2014. Almost 25 years of experience in electronics manufacturing and related services. Several senior and executive leadership positions for Swedish and US companies. Mr Nilsson holds a degree in Industrial Management and is a Swedish citizen.

Cathrin Nylander

Cathrin Nylander

CFO - Acting CEO until end of September 2019

Born in 1967. Joined Kitron in 2013. Extensive experience as CFO in various industries such as manufacturing, IT, food industry, and financial services. Ms Nylander holds a Bachelor's degree in Social Science from Lunds University in Sweden and is a Swedish citizen.

Israel Losada Salvador

Israel Losada Salvador

COO & Sales Director

Born in 1973. In Kitron since 2013. Mr. Salvador has extensive experience from operations within the Oil & Gas sector and has a Master's degree in Finance & Administration from NHH (Norway) and a Master's degree in Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Israel Losada Salvador is a Spanish citizen.

Anne Lise Hjelseth

Anne Lise Hjelseth


Born in 1969. She joined Kitron in 2017. Ms Hjelseth has extensive experience from international HR leadership roles. She holds a Master of Science degree in Organic Chemistry from The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and is a Norwegian citizen.

Zygimantas Dirse

Zygimantas Dirse

Managing Director, Kitron Electronics Manufacturing (Ningbo) CO Ltd., China

Born in 1980. In Kitron since 2003. Mr Dirse has diverse experience as a supervision engineer, product engineer and technical manager, operations manager and is currently Managing Director of our facility in China. He holds a Master of Science degree in IT. Zygimantas Dirse is a Lithuanian citizen.

Stefan Hansson Mutas

Stefan Hansson Mutas

Managing Director, Kitron AB, Sweden

Stefan Hansson Mutas was born in 1966 and is a Swedish citizen. He joined Kitron in 2017. Mr Hansson Mutas comes with a wealth of relevant background from management positions at electronics and EMS companies, including Ericsson, Flextronics, Sanmina and Partnertech. His most recent position was as Managing Director of Duroc Machine Tool. 

Mindaugas Sestokas

Mindaugas Sestokas

Managing Director, UAB Kitron, Lithuania & VP Central Eastern Europe

Mindaugas Sestokas is a Lithuanian citizen born in 1971. He holds a Master of Business Administration degree and has diverse experience in sales and marketing within the food and beverage industry and general management of an appliance manufacturing company. Mr Sestokas has been with Kitron since 2008. 

Hans Petter Thomassen

Hans Petter Thomassen

Managing Director, Kitron AS, Norway & VP North America

Born in 1965. In Kitron since 2012. He has extensive experience within manufacturing and logistics and has held several senior-level positions, including CEO of Durapart Industries AS. He also has experience from commercial aviation. Mr Thomassen is a Norwegian citizen.



Forerunner started


1980‘s EMS model


Oslo Stock Exchange


Entered Sweden


Entered Lithuania


Entered China


Entered Germany, USA


Expanded Lithuania


New facility Arendal


New facility Jonkoping


New site Kitron Technologies Inc. USA

Kitron has its origin from the companies Statronic and Electric Bureau, both of which were established in the 1960’s in Arendal, Norway. The Kitron name was established in the 1980’s, and Kitron’s business idea changed to contract manufacturing of electronics.

The business idea has since been extended to include the entire value chain involving the manufacturing and assembly of electronics and industrial products containing electronics.

Today, Kitron consists of businesses that have their origin in a number of leading industrial companies, for instance Kongsberg Gruppen, Ericsson, Bofors and Saab.

Kitron was listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange in 1997. In order to strengthen its market position and competence, Kitron has carried out several mergers and acquisitions, in Norway, Sweden, Lithuania and, most recently, the United States.

In 2000,  Kitron merged with Sonec ASA. Kitron acquired UAB Kitron in Lithuania in 2001 and UAB Kitron Elsis in 2007. The same year Kitron established a sourcing organisation in Ningbo, China. In June 2009, a small German EMS company was acquired.

In 2010 Kitron established Kitron Electronics Manufacturing in Ningbo and Kitron Inc. in the USA.

In 2019, Kitron completed the acquisition of the EMS division​ of API Technologies Corp.​ located in Windber, Pennsylvania, substantially strengthening Kitron’s position in the US market. The operation was renamed Kitron Technologies Inc.​​

Also in 2019, Kitron inaugurated a new factory in Grudziądz, Poland, to build on the strong growth of the Lithuanian operation.

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