Requirements Kitron KEM

For Suppliers

Suppliers Memo

I. Packaging, Labeling

  • The goods must be thoroughly packed so that it cannot be easily damaged during transportation.
  • If packed with wooden pallet, it must be marked IPPC, otherwise it will be inspected by China Customs Inspection Quarantine, and will have extra fee.
  • Please mark original country, and the original country must be same as showed in the invoice.
  • If shipping fragile goods, need mark visibly in the outer box.
  • Attach one copy of packing list and invoice together with the goods.

II. Shipping Paperwork

      1. Invoice should including the following info:

  • KEM company name and address
  • KEM PO number, Kitron part No. part description
  • Invoice No.
  • Part price, currency and total amount
  • Country of original, if COO is Taiwan, please ensure to mark with ‘MADE IN TAIWAN,CHINA’ , otherwise the shipment will be returned back
  • IC needs to mark all the Lot Numbers based on shipped quantity

If some components are taken as free sample, no need charge, then still need show small value like less than $100 in the invoice, it is main requirement by China customs.

If the equipment is taken as free sample, no need charge, then still need show small value less than $13500 in the invoice, it’s main requirement from China customs.

      2. Packing list should including the following info:

  • Gross / Net weight of each component line and total Gross/Net weight for the whole shipment
  • Volume/boxes numbers for the whole shipment

III.  Forwarders

   If the delivery terms is E/F terms, Please follow shipping rules as below:

  • If Gross weight </= 250kg, use DHL Express (account no: 952541891)
  • If Gross weight is > 250kg, Please contact related purchaser for other forwarder contacts

IV. Special Material Handling

If the shipment includes Special material as below: Switch /Fuse /Inlet /Net power Inlet/Battery, please ship it as a Separate shipment.

V. Finance

Please send the invoice to our Finance public mailbox: yngbint1@kitron.com