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Suppliers Memo

I. Packaging, Labeling

  • The goods must be thoroughly packed so that it cannot be easily damaged during transportation.
  • If packed with wooden pallet, it must be marked IPPC, otherwise it will be inspected by China Customs Inspection Quarantine, and will have extra fee.
  • If packed with carton box, pls mark original country, and the original country must be same as showed in the invoice.
  • If shipping fragile goods, need mark visibly in the outer box.
  • Attach one copy of packing list and invoice together with the goods.

II. Shipping Paperwork

      1. Invoice should including the following info:

  • KEM company name and address
  • KEM PO number, Kitron part No. part description
  • Invoice No.
  • Part price, currency and total amount
  • Country of original

If some components are taken as free sample, no need charge, then still need show small value like less than $100 in the invoice, it is main requirement by China customs.

      2. Packing list should including the following info:

  • Gross / Net weight of each component line and total Gross/Net weight for the whole shipment
  • Volume/boxes numbers for the whole shipment

III.  Forwarders

   If the delivery terms is E/F terms, Pls follow shipping rules as below:

  • If Gross weight </= 250kg, use DHL Express (account no: 952541891)
  • If Gross weight is > 250kg, Please contact related purchaser for other forwarder contacts

IV. Special Material Handling

If the shipment include Special material as below: Switch /Fuse /Inlet /Net power Inlet/Battery, please ship it as a Separate shipment.

V. Finance

Please send the invoice to our Finance public mailbox: yngbint1@kitron.com 

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