Kitron is expanding manufacturing capacity

Kitron is expanding manufacturing capacity

01 February 2023 Insight into technology

With more than 60 years of history, Kitron is an industrial partner supplying electronics manufacturing services. We also provide design and development, end-of-life, redesign, overhaul, and field services. The services we provide enable customers to focus on product development, market expansion, and product introduction. This is an attractive proposition for a growing number of customers.

In early 2022, we completed an acquisition of BB Electronics, another EMS company. This resulted in over 100 new customers and strong revenues in the field of residential energy solutions, fleet management, and other tracking applications, as well as supplying e-mobility components.

In addition, our existing business is strong, including new generations introduced by our customers and new program wins in the Connectivity and Electrification sectors. This has led to record revenue and order backlog.

Looking into the coming years, Kitron will continue to invest 2-3% of revenue in capacity and capability expansion. So far, in 2023, 6 new SMT lines will be up and running in 4 factories. In addition, new equipment will be added to existing lines to improve speed, efficiency, and cost.

By adding new machinery for coating, soldering, and installing a powerful and intelligent THT insertion machine, we will be able to handle more complex product lines. We also continue our journey toward automation. Significant steps have been taken over the past five years, and we’re ready to roll out industry-leading practices across more factories, like automated through-hole insertion lines, fully automated high-level assembly lines and utilization of additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, rapidly adapting machines to various end products. For every type of product, we will utilize a highly flexible, expandable, and efficient machine that can make quick changes and deliver a strong return on investment.

“As a company, we look forward to further growth in the future," says Stian Haugen, CTO of Kitron Group. “Our goal is to support the demand of our customers and meet their capacity needs."

Kitron currently operates in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Lithuania, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, India, China, and the United States. More than 2800 employees work in these facilities, which include 32+ fully automated production lines for electronics, and 3 lines for high-level assembly of end-customer products in more than 100 000 sq. m. of manufacturing area.

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