A Look Into Kitron's Inspiring Career Paths

A Look Into Kitron's Inspiring Career Paths

25 July 2023 We are Kitron

It's no secret that at Kitron, we have many inspiring examples of our colleagues' careers. From their growth within the company to their accomplishments in their fields, these stories serve to motivate and encourage us all to strive for excellence. Today we're going to present one of them.

Aistė Skindzerienė, one of the Manufacturing Leaders at Kitron Lithuania, has been on a fast-track career path for seven years and started her journey at Kitron just after graduating from hotel management studies. Although she joined our team with no knowledge of electronics and began as a Manufacturing Operator, today she successfully manages a team of 120 people.

Aistė admits that at the beginning of her career, she was completely unfamiliar with electronics, but the company gave her the opportunity to learn, just like every other new employee. She was determined to make the most of the opportunity and quickly picked up the skills she needed. Soon, she became a valued member of the team, contributing to Kitron's success. "I really like the company's approach to employees: there is no division between managers and employees here. We communicate, discuss, think, and search for innovative solutions together. Collaboration and respect prevail in the company. You can feel that Kitron is a company with a Scandinavian organizational culture," says Aistė. Aistė also appreciates the fact that everyone's opinion is taken into account. This open and transparent approach helps the team come up with the best solutions for the company.

Regarding the working conditions and benefits at Kitron, Aistė mentions that they also motivate her to pursue a career there. She adds that she feels very comfortable and content at her work and particularly appreciates the company's efforts to support work-life balance, especially for mothers. "Kitron is invested in its employees," Aistė states, "and genuinely want to ensure that we reach our full potential at work and at home."

Aistė further expresses her enthusiasm for her job, noting that she finds it rewarding and exciting, as it allows her to make use of her creative energy and apply it in a meaningful way. "You have a lot of creative freedom at work so that you can come up with your own ideas and solutions. Of course, I have many responsibilities too, but that's what appeals to me. I can design, create strategies, and I feel no monotony doing it because my daily work is very dynamic and diverse," says Aistė. Aistė believes that the ability to think creatively is an invaluable skill in any profession. She encourages people to always strive to be creative and innovative, no matter what job they have. "Creativity can help you to find new solutions to old problems," she says.

As Aistė adds, she is sharing her story because she sees how many inner fears we all often have when we decide to make a career change, especially if it's into a completely unknown and, therefore, intimidating field. She advises banishing all fears, doubts, and other obstacles in life. "The most important thing is to have shining eyes and a desire, and the rest can be learned," she says.

At Kitron, we not only believe in the power of creativity but also in the power of learning. We provide our employees with many opportunities for professional and personal growth. We also encourage our team members to take on challenging tasks and be open to taking on new responsibilities. By doing so, our team members are able to broaden their knowledge, improve their skills, and gain valuable experience - all of which help them to become better equipped to handle future challenges. As outlined in our values, we encourage participation, involvement, and creativity. That is why each person and team have equal opportunities for growth, development, and realization of their potential.

Our team member Aiste deserves our utmost appreciation and we would like to wish her all the best in the future!

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