Celebrating 50 Years of Dedication

Celebrating 50 Years of Dedication

02 June 2023 We are Kitron

Ever since the beginning, Kitron's team has been the backbone of our success. Nowhere is that more evident than in the story of Monica Svensson, who has been a part of the Kitron team for an astonishing 50 years. Monica always has an incredible enthusiasm for her job, and it shows in her work. She is passionate, creative, and very hardworking.

Monica has seen it all, from the very beginning of Kitron Sweden to the present day, and has been an integral part of the company's journey.  We want to highlight the immense contribution Monica has made to us over the last five decades. She shared some of her stories with us.

How did the journey at Kitron start?

At the age of 16, I got a temporary job for 6 months instead of an employee who was leaving on parental leave. I was happy with the job, and I continued to work afterward. I have enjoyed my production work so much that I have not wanted to "climb" or change workplaces.

What about the challenges and lessons you have learned during these years?

Throughout my time at SAAB/Kitron, I have learned new jobs and developed my skills. This includes soldering training, assembly, and many new jobs that come in. It doesn't get monotonous, and I like that. I was there when Kitron moved from the area of Asecs to the building at Torsvik. When everything is in place, it is so exciting and so positive.

Please tell us how your career has developed over time.

In addition to being involved with the union in the company and on the board, I have gained experience working on soldering courses, assembling devices, and providing services to different customers. This has allowed me to further develop my skills in providing quality work.

What would you recommend to people who are thinking of leaving their company?

If you want to change your workplace or career, it depends on why you want to do so. At Kitron Sweden, we work in a factory, but I have never felt that it is a factory. I have visited other manufacturing facilities, and it was great. Here at Kitron, the work environment and variety of jobs is something that is very positive. I would say: Think about what you have here before changing workplaces - there is no better choice than Kitron.

Any Kitron moments you would like to mark that have been memorable for you?

We are a group that has developed strong ties with each other, friendships that have been with me my whole life. We have had so much fun together. Kitron takes care of employees and arranges parties very well, for example, Christmas, summer, anniversary parties, and more. Returning home full-time will mean missing some work. Today I work 3 days a week.

Monica with her colleague, marking the anniversary with Stefan Hansson Mutas, Managing Director of Kitron Sweden, and at her workplace.

What is special about Kitron that you have worked here for so long?

I have never felt bad about coming to work. As a person, I am like everyone else. You can have good and bad days, but I have never been unhappy at work. There are things to improve, but there always are. I have always enjoyed my job and still do.

People say, “If you love what you do, you’ll never have to work a day in your life,” – and we believe Monica is a true example of that. She is an inspiration to us all. We want to thank her for her dedication and commitment throughout the years!

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