The technology of incredible accuracy at Kitron China

The technology of incredible accuracy at Kitron China

26 February 2021 Insight into technology

Robot Hand – the development at Kitron China

The Robot Arm was integrated at Kitron China at the beginning of 2020 and is one of the many efficient technology examples out there. What is unique and different about the Robot Hand is that it is the first one at Kitron China guided by a vision system - this means the Robot has an integrated smart camera to deliver a precise result in doing its daily work.

The development process was not perfect at the beginning. The challenge was some bugs in the system program in Robot, communications, rail controls. But the engineers at Kitron China have optimized the system by debugging, re-programing, changing the vision control, adjusting Robot positioning.

Finally, Kitron China has successfully developed the Robot Hand for many functions such as pick & place, product transfer control, good and defect product separation, and robot-testers-rails communications.

How does it work?

The secret behind this technology is pretty simple. The Robot Hand can make several tasks guided by its innovative vision system. To perform its daily tasks, it is designed to recognize a particular point with the integrated camera's help. All of it is done with the work of the software that is created and trained specially to perform required activities and is easy to customize.

Some might think the Robot Hand was created to replace people who previously did the job. Still, it is important to mark that the real truth is that this device is designed to work collaboratively with people to improve quality and efficiency and bring our customers the fastest and most innovative solutions. It helps people by doing tasks on their behalf and freeing up time for higher value-added activities. Even more, some employees even face reduced exposure from work risk situations. Particularly at Kitron KEM, there are about three specialists currently working with this Robot in its development.

Benefits for our customers

Despite all of the benefits the Robot Hand gives for the user, the main reason is the value we can provide for our customers. The Robot can improve with higher quality products in this high-volume production since manual work can sometimes cause mistakes or efficiency problems during long-time operations in the production line. Kitron can provide more flexible solutions, higher quality and efficiency. The Robot works round the clock with minimal human interventions. It makes it possible even for an incredible micro-detail to be assembled precisely.


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