One of the most popular smart sonars Deeper - part of Kitron's customers

One of the most popular smart sonars Deeper - part of Kitron's customers

27 December 2022 Cases of success

Have you ever heard of portable, castable fish finders that connect with your smartphone to display sonar readings?

About Deeper

Deeper sonars are a unique product Kitron is proud to have among its customers. It is a Lithuanian company based in Vilnius and an innovation leader in its field.

Deeper Smart Sonar is the world's first castable Wi-Fi echo sounder, designed to help anglers catch more fish faster and better. It is small and light yet powerful. It basically turns your smartphone into a multifunctional sonar that creates bathymetric maps.

However, Deeper offers a number of smart sonar models, one app, multiple fishing accessories, and the bathymetry management platform, Fish Deeper™. 

Deeper fish finders are available in 50 countries with over 2 million Fish Deeper App downloads!

Sharing the same quality standards

Since the beginning of the partnership between Deeper and Kitron, we have been delivering one of our services such as PCBA manufacturing. What is more, Deeper products are also characterized by 100% manufactured in Lithuania.

When selecting potential suppliers, Deeper pays a lot of attention to ensure that they correspond to the requirements and values they have. Quality is one of the main requirements since both Deeper and Kitron are always seeking to go beyond expectations.

Deeper decided to choose Kitron in a multi-stage selection process. The decisive factor was that Kitron had convinced with the services offered in the manufacturing area.

It is very important to always work as equal partners. To meet the quality expected by the customer, Kitron ensures all components meet the required level, be fully functional and interact perfectly.

We truly see it as a good long-term manufacturing partnership. The ability to work with such an interesting and innovative customer as Deeper proves Kitron’s expertise and knowledge in the Connectivity market sector.

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