Supplier Registration Form

1. Company Information

2. Contacts

3. Bank Information

4. Cooperation terms

5. Ownership

6. Geographical Footprint

7. Quality

7.1 Documented quality system

7.2 ISO Certified

8. Type of Business

9. Risk management

9.1 Do You have a documented Risk Management process?

9.2 Does your risk assesment include customers and suppliers?

9.3 Do you perform FMEA for your products/process and have risk mitigation plan?

10. Environmental management

10.1 Do You have a documented Environmental Management System?

10.2 ISO 14001

11. Counterfeit

11.1 Do You have a Documented counterfeit prevention system?

12. Traceability

12.1 Do You provide and maintain full traceability for all parts (Lot batch, date code)?

13. Non-conformance

13.1 Do You have procedures to handle non-conforming material?

13.2 Do you have procedures for carrying out corrective and preventive actions?

13.3 Do You use 8D report for product/process non conformity handling?

13.4 Do You perform root cause analysis?

14. Product and process changes

14.1 Do you have documented product and process change system?

14.2 Do you have documented approval records for product/process changes?

14.3 Do you have storage and disposal of obsolete documents?

15. Suppliers and sub suppliers

15.1 Do you have procedures to evaluate Your suppliers/sub supliers?

15.2 Are these evaluations documented?

15.3 Do You perform audits at Your suppliers / sub suppliers?

15.4 Do You have performance KPI's of your suppliers/ sub suppliers?

15.5 Do You have a documented process for flow down customer spec. requirements?

16. RoHS, REACH, Conflict minerals

16.1 Do You have a system to ensure compliance to RoHS directive 2011/65/EU or newer?

16.2 Can You provide documentation of RoHS compliance, for all deliveries to Kitron?

16.3 Do You have a system to ensure compliance to the REACH directive No 1907/2006 or newer?

16.4 Can Your company provide documentation for REACH compliance, for all deliveries to Kitron?

16.5 Do You have a system to ensure compliance to the Dodd-Frank Act (Conflict minerals usage) ?

16.6 Can you provide CMRT to confim your compliance to Dodd-Frank act?

17. Employees

18. Financial Information




19. Other

19.1 Do You have EDI capabilities?

19.2 Do you have any call-off or VMI agreements with your customers?

19.3 Do You keep safety stock for customers?

19.4 Do you have sufficient production capacity for new business?

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