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Kitron and the COVID-19 situation

23 MARCH 2020

Kitron is taking all the appropriate steps to avoid spreading the COVID-19 virus and minimizing the effect on Kitron as a company, employees, customers and business partners, but also to society and those most vulnerable to the coronavirus. This includes following international and national advice from health organisations and authorities, in addition to a number of internal actions and policies.

In order to minimize exposure to staff at our factories, all employees that can do their work from home are doing so. Visitors will not be allowed to access Kitron facilities. And finally, any employee who does not feel well is to stay at home, get well, and avoid interacting with other people.

Currently our facilities are operating as normal and so far we have no major disruption with regards to suppliers or customers.

We have a number contingency plans in place in preparation for what we expect to be a volatile situation. Special focus is placed on increasing production for products used in diagnosing and treating Covid-19 related illnesses.

From all of us at Kitron to our customers, suppliers and other business partners: Stay safe, and stay in touch!

Best regards,
Peter Nilsson
President and CEO

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