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Kitron partners with Easy Aerial to create intelligent drone solutions

Kitron partners with Easy Aerial to create intelligent drone solutions

07 March 2023 Cases of success

The use of drones has increased over the past decade. UAVs (Unmanned aerial vehicles) go beyond surveillance and delivery to include search and rescue, disaster response, asset protection, wildlife monitoring, firefighting, communications relay, healthcare, and more. The capabilities of drones are becoming increasingly valuable in places where men cannot reach or perform in a timely and efficient manner, from rush-hour deliveries to remote military bases.

Kitron is proud to partner with Easy Aerial Inc., a fast-growing US company that builds autonomous UAV solutions. “Easy Aerial continues to expand its operations through collaborations with strategic partners. We are delighted to have signed an agreement with Kitron, which has a leading position in electronic manufacturing services, has the capacity to produce large volumes, and offers advanced front-end services,” said Ivan Stamatovski, CTO of Easy Aerial.

Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, Easy Aerial has a team of over 100 engineers, designers, and aerospace experts. The company develops military-grade autonomous UAV solutions for security, mapping, and inspection applications.

Using UAVs for a variety of purposes

Whether it be perimeter security, border protection, or disaster relief, tactical missions demand an eye in the sky. Easy Aerial's fully automated, smart perimeter solutions easily identify and rapidly respond to security threats. A critical component of comprehensive border security, drones patrol borders and provide personnel with full HD and thermal views. When disaster strikes, mere seconds can mean the difference between life and death. The drones can get unparalleled intelligence in under 30 seconds – all from the safety of a birds-eye view.

Public safety personnel and first responders demand an in-the-field partner they can count on. Military-grade UAV solutions provide a cost-effective, fully autonomous alternative to traditional aerial surveillance systems. Unlike helicopters, Easy Aerial’s drone-in-a-box solutions provide instant results when and where you need them. Completely mobile, they arrive, deploy, and monitor in areas where situational awareness is essential.

More than a drone-in-a-box, Easy Aerial offers military-grade security solutions customized for various commercial and industrial applications. Whether monitoring infrastructure, assets, or events, Easy Aerial has an autonomous solution ready to go above and beyond in terms of ease of use, durability, and coverage. Once deployed via a triggered sensor or as a planned mission, the drone provides full HD and thermal views, allowing users to make smarter decisions faster. Completely portable and quickly deployable, Easy Aerial systems are also the security solution for crowd control, event monitoring, and situational awareness.

Kitron and Easy Aerial

Since its founding, Easy Aerial has rapidly grown in both size and scope. Today, its mission includes using drones to save lives and protect assets and infrastructure. We are delighted that Easy Aerial has chosen Kitron as a manufacturing partner to support its growth. Kitron has a long history in the defense and homeland security market.

Kitron‘s global footprint, in addition to its advanced front-end services, was a major factor in choosing this partnership. Being able to scale across multiple locations is critical to Easy Aerial‘s success.  As much as the amount of on-site collaboration during new product launches. Kitron's ability to provide local support, combined with its global reach, provides a unique advantage for Easy Aerial.

This partnership also ensures Easy Aerial has the support to succeed. Kitron's global footprint, along with its advanced manufacturing capabilities, makes it an ideal partner for any customer.


Easy Aerial is a leading provider of autonomous drone-based monitoring solutions for commercial, government, and military applications. Kitron is an experienced partner in co-production, where our areas of special expertise include cutting-edge technology transfer and adaptation of new production methods. With decades of experience, Kitron has the expertise to effectively manage the complexity of adapting the latest technology for Easy Aerial, allowing them to focus on their core mission of providing reliable monitoring solutions.

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