Partnering for a Million Lives: Kitron and Laerdal Work Together for Lifesaving Products

Partnering for a Million Lives: Kitron and Laerdal Work Together for Lifesaving Products

12 April 2024 Cases of success

Kitron and Laerdal Medical are proud to collaborate on the development of highly complex lifesaving products that revolutionize healthcare. As a leading electronics manufacturing services (EMS) company, Kitron provide Laerdal with electronics manufacturing expertise along with knowledge of quality assurance and regulatory requirements.

Laerdal Medical is one of the world leaders in the development of products and programs for healthcare simulations, education, resuscitation training, airway management, and other medical training needs for many customers.

A successful cooperation

Laerdal Medical has a goal of helping save one million more lives, every year, by 2030. To maximize the chances of success, the company, along with partners like Kitron, will help make healthcare more efficient, safer, and more equitable by:

  • Early interventions with high lifesaving potential and lower cost to society.
  • Leveraging enabling technologies to improve the translation of learning to patient outcomes.
  • Collaborative initiatives for the scale-up and implementation of developments.

Laerdal's expertise in healthcare simulation, education, and first aid training, combined with Kitron's competence in electronics manufacturing, enables us to create innovative solutions for healthcare providers, volunteer organizations, educational institutions, hospitals, and the public.

Kitron's partnership with Laerdal dates back to 1994. From our factories in Kaunas, Lithuania, and Suzhou, China, we have been producing electronics for Laerdal for more than two decades now.

Our partnership covers a wide range of products, including medical devices like portable Laerdal Suction Unit (LSU4000) used to remove fluids, secretions, or other obstructions from a patient's airway to maintain clear breathing passages, and famous Laerdal simulation mannequins like SimMan, Premature Anne, and others. In addition to providing different training opportunities, these simulation mannequins serve to enhance clinical competency and improve patient outcomes.

These globally utilized Laerdal products demonstrate Kitron's global expertise in serving the most demanding customers. Through the collaborative approach, Kitron can ensure Laerdal Medical delivers innovative and reliable products in the challenging medical devices industry.

Embracing sustainability

Kitron has proved itself to be a valuable partner when it comes to medical device electronics manufacturing. We understand the critical role that reliable electronics play in medical devices. By continuously improving quality and sustainability, we can ensure that all electronics we manufacture are safe, reliable, and efficient.

By supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we comply with Laerdal's requirement that all suppliers demonstrate high performance in environmental, social, and ethical aspects. We focus on achieving the following SDGs: Goal 5 - Gender Equality, Goal 9 - Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure, Goal 12 - Responsible Consumption and Production, and Goal 13 - Climate Action.

We contribute to Laerdal's sustainability goals to be socially responsible, reduce carbon emissions and achieve a circular economy by actively promoting diversity at all levels, reducing carbon emissions, minimizing waste and maximising energy efficiency by using green energy, as well as creating a responsible value chain.  

With Kitron's global footprint aligned with Laerdal's, we are making significant efforts to reduce the environmental impact of the supply chain by optimising and localising it.

As part of our partnership with Laerdal, we are attempting to achieve high levels of consistency, reliability, and long-term value through the adoption of quality improvement and sustainability practices.


By continuing our partnership with Laerdal, we intend to provide them with the highest quality electronics manufacturing services with sustainability at its core, participate in the development of new products, and contribute to Laerdal's goal of helping save one million more lives, every year, by 2030.

Laerdal’s cutting-edge technology and Kitron’s EMS reliability make a perfect partnership for creating the most advanced lifesaving products. With these combined efforts, we aim to provide critical medical devices to those in need and make healthcare more efficient, safer, and more equitable.

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