Kitron and Ferroamp accelerating the green energy revolution

Kitron and Ferroamp accelerating the green energy revolution

04 January 2023 Cases of success

The future is now - taking charge over your electrification is already possible, and we at Kitron are joining the green energy revolution.

We are proud to present a partnership with Ferroamp - a Swedish greentech company focusing on energy and power optimisation of properties.

The new, future-proof way to integrate energy storage

Did you know that Ferroamp has developed EnergyHub – a system with patented DC technology which makes it the brain of the electricity system in the property and let us control electricity use? Property owners can get more out of their solar panels and integrate electric car charging and energy storage.

Ferroamp’s EnergyHub system introduces a new, future-proof way to integrate solar power, energy storage and DC loads into one system with intelligent control and real-time monitoring. It is scalable and easy to augment with more solar panels, and increased storage capacity over time.

The EnergyHub system has high flexibility and is continuously updated over the net to meet new challenges and possibilities in the grid.      

The EnergyHub system is available for both commercial properties and multi-family buildings, with EnergyHub Wall 14 being specifically adapted to residential systems. Through the strategic partnership with Kitron and the capacity to produce large volumes of EnergyHub systems, Ferroamp is able to triple the production!

The partnership with Kitron is a way to scale up and launch international

At Kitron, we're involved with electrification from the power grid to end-user products, from control systems for offshore wind power to battery management systems and charging stations. As usual, our focus is on our customer’s applications with strict quality standards. We manufacture thousands of products globally. The production for Ferroamp is taking place at Kitron's facility in Poland, and we are eager to help our customer realize the ambitious plans and enable its strong growth journey!

“During the supplier evaluation phase, we were met by a dedicated team in Poland. The combination of their experience, focus on sustainability, and overall commitment, made the choice of supplier easy. The people are the key factor for success. Together with the team at Kitron we have made great progress so far and are just at the beginning of our common journey. I am really looking forward to the future and what it will bring!” – shared the Chief Purchasing Officer at Ferroamp Lisa Larsson Lerner.


For a few years now, Kitron has invested heavily in meeting the sharply increasing demand within the Electrification market sector, and we are well-positioned to meet that demand. The resulting strategic partnership with Ferroamp will offer more people the opportunity to participate in the green energy revolution.

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