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When developing highly complex products, Kitron provides customers everything from idea to finished product and after-sales services. We think product life-cycle from the start, and are the ultimate one-stop shop for outsourced product development and manufacturing services. We design and manufacture high-complexity products for global markets.

Examples of expertise Kitron offers:

Product Development

Kitron has the expertise to take care of every step in the development process, from early concept design to volume manufacturing.

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Product Management

Kitron completes Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) for customers and for its own set of proprietary platforms.

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The close integration of Kitron’s development department and Kitron's manufacturing sites means we are well placed to perform successful product re-designs.

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Value Analysis/Value Engineering (VA/VE) services

Providing VA/VE services, Kitron evaluates customer products and supply chain from a unique perspective allowing for cost reduction, improved quality, and meaningful supplier relationships.

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With over 50 years’ experience in electronics manufacturing, we know what matters when launching new products.

In our NPI (New Product Introduction) Center prototypes are produced by our highly-qualified staff on our dedicated manufacturing line. We deliver quickly and with strong focus on quality and cost. We also have a model-building workshop capable of constructing complete prototypes.

Our customers’ development projects benefit from our expertise in design for manufacturing, testing, component engineering and environmental requirements. We employ the leading test development experts in Scandinavia and deliver complete solutions for the efficient testing of electronics products.

Prototype manufacturing

In order to offer our customers the best possible service, we have dedicated staff and a dedicated manufacturing line for the production of prototypes.

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Evaluation of new products

Our experts are available to prepare product reviews. These reviews are based on standards, best practice as well as national and international requirements. Customers receive a written report with comments and recommendations, as well an oral presentation of our experts’ findings.

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Component engineering and database

Our component information system (CIS) enables you as our customer to rapidly search for and process information about current components for new projects.

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Test development

Kitron develops state-of-the art test systems for automated testing in production. Over the last 30 years this department has worked on a wide range of projects within the following sectors: Defence/Aerospace, Energy/Telecoms, Industry, Medical devices and Offshore/Marine.

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Design and build of high level assembly lines

Our trained staff design, build and optimize efficient manufacturing lines for your products. We work according to lean manufacturing and pride ourselves on quality and efficient manufacturing processes.

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Environmental Durability Testing

The market’s expectations regarding product quality are constantly increasing. Kitron's customers are not satisfied with products that merely fulfill their specification at the time of delivery and during the warranty period: all products should work without failures throughout their entire expected lifetime. Kitron has the resources to help you reach this level of quality performance.

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Kitron’s sourcing experts are located in Norway, Sweden, Lithuania and China, enabling us to manage our global network of suppliers and ensure an optimal flow of components and materials to our manufacturing centres.

Kitron’s logistic team ensures the safe transport of products to our customers, or all the way to the end customer if desired.

Kitron believes that its sourcing and logistics capabilities and expertise provide a significant competitive advantage in terms of lower material costs, better quality and a seamless supply chain for our customers.

Reduction of life time cost

By helping our customers choose components with good availability, right quality and at the best price, we help reduce the lifetime cost of our customers’ products. Kitron’s sourcing group continually sets aggressive targets to further reduce the cost of components and materials. To achieve this, we will increase our sourcing activities in China, while we continue to benchmark and develop suppliers in general and aim to benefit from major suppliers' market imperfections that could lead to better terms and conditions for our customers.

Value-added sourcing services

In additon to the core delivery Kitron offers value-added sourcing services through our Chinese operations. This is done in order to assist customers to improve their competitive position through the reduction of material costs.


As one of Scandinavia’s leading EMS suppliers, Kitron provides various services within the manufacturing, assembling and testing of electronic products for the professional market.

These services are provided from the group’s modern facilities in Norway (Arendal), Sweden (Jönköping), Lithuania (Kaunas), USA (Johnstown, Pennsylvania) and China (Ningbo).

Core areas of expertise

Electronics, microelectronics, testing, assembly and system testing, Radio Frequency (RF), system integration, repairs and upgrades.

Core technologies

Surface-mounted technologies (SMT), through-hole assembly, Automated Pressfit, automated optical inspection (AOI), 3DX-ray, clean rooms, wave and selective soldering, cleaning and coating process for PCBs, and Potting & Curing, Hi-Pot, together with FCT, ICT, Burn In, vibration and environmental testing.

Quality standards

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 14001:2015

EN 9100:2016 / AS 9100D

IRIS rev.2

ISO 13485:2016

21 CFR 820 Quality System Regulation

AQAP 2120 Ed 3

Standard of workmanship

Kitron complies with IPC standard Class 2 and Class 3 requirements, which are key manufacturing standards for the electronics manufacturing industry. IPC standards are associated with nearly every stage of the electronic product development cycle. From design and purchasing to assembly and packaging, compliance with IPC standards helps Kitron to ensure superior quality, reliability and consistency in the electronics assemblies that go into our customer's final electronic products. All Kitron employees are continuously trained according to IPC training programs.

Improvement methods

To ensure repeatability we follow U.S. FDA 21 CFR, §820 Quality System Regulation, Guidelines on General Principles of Process Validation. Kitron also complies with: 5S, Lean Six Sigma, Value Stream Mapping, SMED, PFMEA and Kaizen.

Automated Assembly

Complete automated assembly lines for PCBs, including various functional tests, product marking, traceability and packing of complete devices. These lines offer high reliability, repeatability, quality and throughput.

Maintenance and repairs

Kitron can work with you for the full lifetime of your product. We even have the expertise to extend your product’s lifecycle.

Customer specific team

We offer maintenance, repair and refurbishment programs. All such programs involve the establishment of customer-specific teams, drawn from our purchasing, technical and production departments. The team will work with you and your product. The team members will get to know your product very well – enabling us to help you make your product even better.

Refurbishment programs

When a product starts to show its age, a refurbishment program may extend the product’s lifecycle. Such a program might include both software and hardware upgrades. We have in-house software and hardware design expertise if a redesign is required. Kitron’s component information system (CIS) will assist you in identifying replacements for obsolete components.

Documentation and change history

All changes and work done on your product will be thoroughly documented and we can supply you with a change history record.

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