Corporate Governance

9. Work of the Board of directors

The Board’s responsibility

The Board has an overall responsibility for safeguarding the interests of all shareholders and other stakeholders. Furthermore, it is the board’s duty and responsibility to exercise overall control of the company, and to supervise the management and the company’s operations. The division of roles between Board and Management is specified in Kitron’s rules of procedure for the board. The board has approved an annual meeting plan for its work, which includes meetings with a special focus on strategy and budgeting. The Board conducts a self-evaluation once a year.

Kitron’s Board shall also serve as a constructive and qualified discussion partner for the Executive Management. One of the Board’s key duties is to establish appropriate strategies for the group. It is important in this context that the board, in cooperation with the management, ensures that the strategies are implemented, that the results are measured and evaluated and that the strategies are developed in the most appropriate way. Kitron has defined performance parameters for the strategies and can thus measure its performance.

Financial Reporting

The Board receives financial reports on a monthly basis from the administration. The underlying data for these reports are prepared at each reporting unit. The information is checked, consolidated, and processed by the group’s corporate financial staff to produce the consolidated reports that are submitted to the board. The reports also include relevant operational matters. The group does not have a separate internal audit function. Account controls are exercised through segregation of duties, guidelines and approval procedures. The corporate financial staff is responsible for establishing guidelines and principles. The corporate financial staff handles the group’s financial transactions. Each profit centre is responsible for the commercial benefit of manufacturing contracts. Responsibility for the commercial content of significant procurement contracts rests with the corporate sourcing organisation.

The Board conducts annual evaluations of the executive managers and their performance. These evaluations also cover an assessment of cooperation between the board and the management. The results of these evaluations represent an important element in the remuneration and incentive programs, which are described in the notes to the financial statements.

The board had 20 meetings during 2016.

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