9. Work of the Board of directors

Audit Committee

The Board’s Audit Committee is appointed by Kitron ASA’s Board of Directors and is a sub-committee of the Board. The Audit Committee will on behalf of the board supervise the financial reporting process to ensure the integrity of the financial statements. The Audit Committee will also go through: the company’s internal supervisory/control routines and risk management system, the external audit process including a recommendation in the choice of an external auditor, the company’s routines regarding compliance with laws and regulations affecting the financial reporting and the company’s code of conduct.

The role of the Audit Committee is to prepare matters for consideration by the Board, to support the Board in its supervisory responsibilities and to ensure that the requirements made of the company in connection with its listing on the stock exchange are complied with.

The committee consists of two shareholder-elected board members and one employee-elected board member. The independent auditor usually attends the meetings. During 2016 there were five audit committee meetings.

Presentation of the Audit Committee:

  • Arne Solberg, voted Chair of the Audit Committee and elected until the Annual General Meeting in 2018
  • Päivi Marttila, elected until the Annual General Meeting in 2017
  • Elisabeth Jacobsen, elected until the Annual General Meeting in 2016

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