Corporate Governance

13. Information and communication

Kitron wants to maintain good communication with its shareholders and other stakeholders. The information practice is based on openness and will help to ensure that Kitron’s shareholders and other stakeholders are able to make a realistic assessment of the company and its prospects. Guidelines have been established to ensure a flow of relevant and reliable financial and other information. The group endeavour to ensure that all shareholders have equal access to the same information. Kitron complies with Oslo Børs’ Code of Practice for IR, dated 1 March 2017.

All information distributed to the shareholders is published on Kitron’s website ( at the same time as it is sent to the shareholders. Furthermore, all announcements to the market are posted on Kitron’s website following publication in Oslo Børs’ company disclosure system, ticker: KIT. Public, webcasted presentations are held quarterly in connection with the interim reporting. Kitron presents a financial calendar every year with dates for important events. Kitron’s guidelines for reporting of financial and other information as well as guidelines for the company’s contact with shareholders, other than through the general meeting, are presented in the shareholder information section in the annual report.

Kitron has received

Acceptance for exemption from language requirement for disclosure of notifiable information from Oslo Børs. Acceptance for exemption from language requirement for disclosure of notifiable information from Oslo Børs.636 kb

"Kitron shall not publish specific guiding on the Group's future financial results. Kitron operates in accordance with a set of financial targets, established by the board of directors. These targets govern the Group's operations within the financial year. The targets comprise:

  • Revenue;
  • EBIT margin;

The aim is to communicate the targets for the financial year in connection with either the Q4, the annual report, or later as soon as they are approved by the board of directors.

Kitron emphasises that the targets by their very nature necessarily involves assumptions and uncertainty.

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