Corporate Governance

12. Remuneration of Senior Executives


The Board has resolved guidelines to the CEO for remuneration to Executive Management. The terms are determined by the CEO in consultation with the Chairman of the Board. The guidelines are communicated to the Annual General Meeting.

The salary and other remuneration of the CEO shall be decided by the board.

The remunerations consist of fixed annual compensation that includes annual base salary and other possible benefits (such as pension plan). The total possible compensation also includes a short term incentive scheme (STI) and a long term incentive scheme (LTI).

Performance-related remuneration

Performance-related remuneration of the executive personnel in the form of share options, bonus programs or the like should be linked to value creation for shareholders or the company’s earnings performance over time. Such arrangements, including share option arrangements, should incentivise performance and be based on quantifiable factors over which the employee in question can have influence. Performance- related remuneration should be subject to an absolute limit.

Fixed compensation

The actual level of annual base salaries (ABS) is based on market conditions and salary levels related to the actual position in the country in question. Kitron uses the Hay tool for determining market levels on an annual basis. The executive positions are evaluated using the Hay positioning grading tool.

Pension plans, based on defined contribution plans, are in place following the practice and regulations in each country. Other benefits are according to company policy and regulations in country of residence.

The Board may grant specific purpose bonuses to members of the Snior Executive Management.

Short term incentive scheme

The STI system has specific targets and defined maximum pay-outs and is set on annual basis. The possible maximum pay-out is 65 per cent of annual basic salary.

Long-term incentive scheme

The LTI system was established in 2013 as an option based program with a three-year validity (2013-2016). In 2015 the Board introduced a new share option program for executive management for another three-year period (2016-2019) as approved by the Annual General Meeting held on 21 April 2015.

Separate agreements describing the LTI systems and related conditions are in place for each senior executive. Maximum possible share options are defined per individual among the senior executives. Any possible payout will be depending on the Kitron group share price at the start of the program in comparison with the share price at the time of the expiry.

A more detailed description is provided in note 18 in the Consolidated Financial statements. Kitron reports all forms of remuneration received by the chief executive and each of the other members of the executive management. Details about remuneration of the executive management are provided in the notes to the annual financial statements. A more detailed description is provided in note 27 in the Consolidated Financial statements.

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