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Manual assemblyThe Kilsund factoryThe Tangen farm and rope factory - where the Arendal/Hisøy plant was establishedRelay manufacturing in the late 1970s
10 years anniversary of manufacturing at Hisøy (the existing Kitron site)10 years anniversary celebration


Why we don’t cut corners!

Since the early 60’s Kitron has lived by a simple philosophy: If our customers succeed, we succeed. History has shown that this has been a sustainable philosophy. This is why it’s in our culture not to cut corners. Our main promise to any customer is that we want to be their long term sustainable partner.

We promise to deliver sustainability through:

  • Being a financially solid and healthy company with a long history and promise to be there for our customers in the long term, thus reducing their supplier risk.
  • Being a socially responsible company and always have the interests of our employees and the communities we operate in mind. This includes the following practices (by Kitron and its business partners):
    • Ensuring that work is carried out safely
    • Respecting the freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining with respect to legislation and practice in the countries we operate
    • Not accepting any form of forced labour, child labour or work-related discrimination

  • Being an environmentally friendly company and are committed to doing what we can to preserve and protect the environment. 

Being the leading EMS company in Scandinavia, show that focusing on what brings success to our customers, and then contribute with our best, has been a sustainable strategy for Kitron. That is why we say:
Your ambition. Our passion.