Maintenance and repairs

Kitron can work with you for the full lifetime of your product. We even have the expertise to extend your product’s lifecycle.


Customer specific team
We offer maintenance, repair and refurbishment programs. All such programs involve the establishment of customer-specific teams, drawn from our purchasing, technical and production departments. The team will work with you and your product. The team members will get to know your product very well – enabling us to help you make your product even better.


Technical laboratory for fault analysis
Repair programs can include the compilation of fault statistics, leading to recommendations for design changes. We have the commitment and expertise to make your product even more successful. If a fault needs technical investigation, we have a well equipped technical laboratory specializing in fault analysis. Our technical engineers are able to supply a fault analysis report.


Refurbishment programs
When a product starts to show its age, a refurbishment program may extend the product’s lifecycle. Such a program might include both SW and HW upgrades. We have in-house SW and HW design expertise if a re-design is required. Kitron’s Component Information System (CIS) will assist you in identifying replacements for obsolete components.


Documentation and change history
All changes and work done on your product will be thoroughly documented and we can supply you with a change history record.