The Energy sector will require significant technological development and commercialization over the coming decades in order to meet goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, as well as general demands for energy efficiency. This will require smarter solutions and more extensive surveillance of systems producing and using energy.
Electronics is an important enabler for achieving the potentials that exist in this field. The high quality and wide range of Kitron's expertise and services, as well as our local and regional presence, make us a well qualified partner to help you succeed in the development and diffusion of new technology.

Kitron has been working with energy-related businesses for many decades. Currently we are stepping up our activities in this field, which is experiencing significant growth.
Kitron’s telecoms sector offers decades of experience in the development and realization of products such as:
  • transmission systems
  • high frequency (HF) microwave modules
  • radio frequency (RF) systems
  • equipment for data/video projection and storage.
Our Telecoms task force will always do everything it takes to bring about new success stories.

Cross functional customer team
Our customers have direct access to a cross-functional customer team of specialists with the expertise to ensure their particular product concept benefits from cost-effective design and reliable technology.

We put all our knowledge at our customers’ disposal to assist in achieving optimal design and the selection of the best components and materials. We work in a focused and structured way in close collaboration with our customers to achieve the shortest possible TTM and the highest quality right from the start.