Raising concerns - Whistleblowing

Kitron personnel are required to report immediately any suspected violation of Kitron’s Anti-Corruption Policy. Suspected violations can be reported to the employee’s manager, his/her manager’s manager, any member of the Ethical Committee, or this webpage “Whistleblowing”.

Kitron will not implement sanctions in any form against any person who, in good faith and in a responsible manner, informs persons in positions of responsibility or internal entities about possible breaches of Kitron’s Anti-Corruption Policy or applicable laws. Kitron prohibits retaliation against anyone for making a good-faith report. All reports of suspected violations are taken seriously and will be followed up, as appropriate. Reports may be made anonymously.

Any manager, who receives a report of a suspected violation of anti-corruption laws and regulations, or Kitron’s Anti-Corruption Policy, must immediately notify the head of the Ethical committee.

When using this e-mail whistleblowing@kitron.com your concerns will be sent to the head of the Ethical committee and dealt with confidentially.