Vision and values

Kitron’s vision is to provide solutions that deliver success for its customers.

Kitron shall contribute to develop customers` business to become leading companies within their respective markets.

Kitron’s values are built upon:

  • Reliability: We can be trusted, a reliable and trustworthy business partner and a socially responsible company.
  • Creativity: We strive to find solutions and we are proactive, a business partner that strives to find solutions benefiting both Kitron and its business partners.
  • Positive: A positive place to work, a competence driven company that provides opportunities for growth and development in line with the development of our business.
  • Involvement: Everyone can be part of and contribute to the work towards success, to be part of the team, involved in changes, projects and success.
  • International: A Scandinavian company with a global foot print.

Ethical Guidelines for Kitron